SAU Dyno DayA few years ago Skyline’s Australia was a relatively big part of my life.  My girlfriend and I would go to quite a few events, and would almost always be at any local event.

Even before we met I would make sure I could get to events, be the first there, and be the last to leave.  Times have changed so much.

I still remember my first dyno day.  It was held at Unique Autosports, and was covered by Zoom magazine.  The editor at the time was the one covering the event.

Alone, I arrived with hoards of scarey looking Skyliner’s staring at my stock car.  Their judgmental eyes making me want to run and hide.  A sea of unfamiliar faces, and a lonesome me.My First Ever Skyline Related Prize

After my car went up, the editor of Zoom magazine came over to speak to me.  He asked me about the car, my plans and dreams.  I didn’t know who he was until he started to take notes, when I looked at him strangely and  asked, “why are you taking notes?”

I stayed the whole day.  One of the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave.  I saw many nice cars, and quite a few beastly examples.  Even met a couple of people.  I think the first person to say hello to me was a guy by the name of John (silver-gtst on the forums).  I didn’t know who he was till he mentioned his forum name, and even when he did I didn’t believe him.

Silver-gtst on the forums was obnoxious, outspoken, and most of the time came across rude.  The guy infront of me, one of the only people to come up and start talking to me did NOT resemble this online persona at all!  Quiet, and friendly.

During the presentation I wasn’t expecting to receive anything.  I just wanted to see who won.  Little did I know, the editor of Zoom had organized a special prize and nominated me for it.

I won a stack of High Performance Imports and Japanese DVD’s.  The encouragement award.  These were presented to me by John (owner of UAS).

That night, and the next day I spent watching the Japanese in awe.  The things they could achieve with cars like mine.  The modifying bug struck, and struck hard.  My wallet still hasn’t forgiven me.

A few years after this event I was hopeful to run into that editor of Zoom again.  To thank him, and let him know the progress on my car.  Sadly, I never did run into him again.

So many years have passed since that day.  Back then I had no idea I would be where I am today.  I can still remember how I felt when I went up to collect my prize, and I can remember thinking to myself,  “I’m going to keep this car and turn it into something special.”